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KG Project Service (KGPS) is a specialist consultancy who provide business capability development, risk management and support services to:

  • Motivated businesses in the Contractor, Manufacturing and Service industries who are targeting; major project supply chains, new business opportunities or improvement of existing market presence and performance.
  • Major project head contractors requiring local content and indigenous business capability development to align with company and/or project requirements. We also provide on the ground support for project contract teams to engage with and manage performance of local content providers during project term.

With 14 years of consulting to industry and major project sector, KGPS has successfully delivered continuing positive outcomes for businesses throughout Australia. This has been achieved through direct engagement with business owners, within major projects and Government capability development programs.

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Our services have been developed and fine tuned over the last 14 years to accommodate changing market requirements and address the direct needs of our clients.

We provide a capability development service to assist and guide clients through the rigours of growth, from the initial opportunity assessment through to risk management, skills and systems capability gap analysis, strategic planning, management systems development and implementation, pre-qualification submissions, management skill development and ongoing maintenance of compliance.

Our approach delivers a structured and methodical pathway to achieve your desired outcome, taking into consideration that you are already busy operating a business with resources and time, often in limited supply. Our programs are flexible and can adjust activity to meet the business’s need to react to market demands. We can provide as much or as little assistance as required.

These capability building services have been tried and tested in the real world and provide a practical and effective solution to growth challenges.

We also provide related services to major project teams tasked with contractor performance improvement, we can step in as a specialist conduit between the Principal and a Contractor to reduce the strain on the team. This would allow us to target and further develop the Contractor’s compliance and capability to better perform to the project site requirements. The team then only has to communicate through one resource to cover many businesses.

Contractor compliance management for a major project team can be time consuming and at times daunting. Where there is a need to maintain local supply and critical delivery contractors who are struggling to achieve and maintain a project level compliance, the team has to persist in propping them up.

We provide an alternative solution to this situation, where we can take over the care of these Contractors and develop their capabilities to specifically respond to the projects requirements and in turn, be a single point of contact (conduit) for the team to leverage off. The benefit to the team is the reclaiming of valuable time normally spent with these operators and the assurance that the team now has a specialised resource at hand to better address and manage the development requirements of these Contractors.

Contractor Compliance Management programs can be developed to accommodate almost any situation and would typically involve consultation between the Principal, the Contractor and ourselves, to bed down a program structure and funding model.

Our community of specialist consultants provides a wide platform of resources which can address any issue the Contractor may be experiencing and struggling with. This provides a well rounded and effective model to develop those important Contractors, that need a bit more attention and assistance to step up and be a compliant and valued operator.

Pre-qualification is becoming a common barrier when entering a new market or industry sector. We are now seeing pre-qualifications not only in the major project sectors but also in the property maintenance and lower level construction sectors, putting more onus on the smaller contractor and service provider to have formal systems and processes in place to comply.

Pre-qualification is established to test your business processes and sometimes in larger projects they look at your financial and management strength. This is to ensure the client manages their operational risks by ensuring you have a history of safe performance before offering you work opportunities. Depending on the Industry tier level, pre-qualifications can require in-depth evidence of existing systems and processes. This is why businesses need to build internal systems and capability well in advance of entering a new market.

In responding to a Pre-Qualification, in most cases the business will identify obvious gaps between their current capability and the clients expectation of performance. Building business capabilities to close this gap and successfully pass pre-qualification is where we provide the greatest value.

We are highly experienced in managing the completion of pre-qualification submissions from major project supply chains e.g. Oil and Gas and Transport and Main Roads (TMR) through to construction, maintenance and specialist industries with 100% success rate. Our capability building services provide a resource for the business to address any deficiencies in their systems, structure or skills while working on the pre-qual submission.

The importance of safety is now reflected in every industry. With increased focus on pre-qualifications and legislation putting more onus on business owners to cover their duty of care, business can no longer “wing it” when it comes to workplace safety, especially if you are chasing higher level business opportunities.

We have been involved in safety management for over 17 years and have a commercial and practical approach to safety management, both in the field and in the administration process of developing effective customised systems.

We can provide safety management services including; safety system documentation (up to major project and certification AS/NZS4801 requirements), on-site inspections / reports, document audits, pre-qualification assistance, pre-audit reviews, reviews of Principal Contractors performance, contractor engagement processes and ongoing system maintenance and management.

We are also certified agents of the Australian developed and owned CASSA on-line safety management systems, designed for established businesses wanting to automate their systems. This on-line management system can accommodate requirements through to AS/NZS 4801 certification.

We work with clients in a wide range of industries, assisting them to develop and improve their safety management processes utilising a consultative approach to change.

An investment in developing and implementing effective Management Systems is essential for businesses wanting to access new opportunities and achieve continued growth.

There are many levels of systems development from simple internal operational systems to manage safety, quality or environmental performance through to ISO certified systems covering ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AS/NZS 4801 standards. We can develop , implement and support all of these management systems.

Depending on your industry and project requirements, in most cases well structured internally developed processes and systems will be enough to meet many industry requirements and improve the business capability and performance. All systems should be developed and customised to the businesses activity and culture, hence the language used needs to be in-line with the people using the systems. There also needs to be checks and balances, resource budget, time allocation and commitment in place to ensure the management systems are maintained and and improved over time.

We can help to assess your needs in regards to the type and level of management systems for your business. We provide the system documents, help you customise, implement and maintain your systems to get the most from your investment.

We have extensive experience in indigenous engagement within the major projects sector, especially in the capability development of indigenous business to meet major projects supply chain requirements.

As part of the consulting delivery team within the Arrow Energy global award winning Whanu Binal program, we achieved high level outcomes through industry leading strategies, mutual respect and high level connections within the supply chain.

The previous success and involvement in indigenous engagement and preparing indigenous businesses to enter new supply chains has lead to the formation of a new company called Indigenous Supply Chain Connections Pty Ltd. This is a majority owned indigenous business with 5 highly skilled specialist consultants working with people and companies in all areas of indigenous participation and engagement.

The scope of activity typically includes all levels of the supply chain from Proponents, Traditional Owners, Indigenous businesses through to the Indigenous communities.

For more information, see our dedicated website at this link. www.isccgroup.com.au

These days a business “strategy” comes in many forms from a one page dot point list through to a corporate “bells and whistles” novel, so it is important that you develop a strategy that you can relate to and action.

We develop business strategies in-line with your opportunities to grow into new markets and supply chains. We provide clarity in identifying the target, what they want and what you need to do to get in front of them as a capable operator. This would typically include aspects of marketing (traditional and online), risk management, business development/relationship building, capability development, supply chain positioning, staged approaches, alliance/partnering options etc, budgeting and skills development and resource requirements.

In all cases the business strategy is developed with you and your team, for you to use; hence we deliver the strategy in an actionable format. It’s a document that states the desired outcome and what needs to be completed to achieve the goal.  A strategy does not have to be a long document, just an effective resource developed with a target in mind to help you keep the focus straight and performance on track.

We can help facilitate a strategy meeting with your management and other team members, or work with you one on one to develop a functional business strategy plan.

Strategic plans need to be small enough to be flexible but detailed enough to paint a clear picture, keeping everyone engaged and on the same pathway.

Process mapping is a core activity when building business capability and relates to all areas of the business from sales and marketing to finance through to operations; it’s the glue that ties everything together. There are a number of formats you can use to map business processes depending on your intended user, the industry, technical focus and level of detail you require determining the best approach to address the process delivery.

It is always best to review the bigger picture when starting a business mapping process to ensure you cater for the broad requirements of the business. When you map department processes in isolation you risk painting yourself into a corner, often causing  extensive rework.

In our core process of building capability we are working with all areas of the business, talking to management and operational workers, identifying strengths and weaknesses and providing development solutions. This positions us perfectly to understand your business as a whole, giving us the ability to develop process mapping best suited to your business.

The approach to process mapping can be wide and varied, so we spend the time to discuss and understand what your expectations are, in relation to the benefits you will gain from mapping your business processes. As an example, addressing core parts of your business initially with a staged plan for other areas over time may be the best approach, or alternatively you may want only high level mapping to complement strategic planning.

If you want to make improvements to your business activities, process mapping is the best way to record current activity and identify potential improvements with everyone on the same page.

One of the most under estimated challenges when planning business growth is the need for personal development of senior management and young leaders coming through the ranks.

In a small to medium sized business the new roles management now need to play in the business can be daunting and unfamiliar to most. Particularly in contracting businesses we find the transition of an owner / technician into a business leader role causes great internal struggle and stress if not managed correctly.

It’s true that many business owners / managers are technicians first, and have not necessarily been trained to be effective managers, but have had to struggle through and wing it as their business has grown. So it stands to reason that the young workers coming through the ranks only have one role model to base their management technique on, YOU.

No matter if you are becoming a CEO or you have promoted someone internally, we can structure leadership mentoring based on the individual and the future roles they will play in the business. Leadership can be an easy transition for a few but difficult for the majority, so we assess as the program develops and work on identified weaknesses / challenges as they arise.  When management is leading the business effectively, it makes the business more sustainable, resilient and profitable.

We have a history  working within the on-line marketing space, after many years of building and leasing commercial websites to businesses. These website were developed to perform and rank organically high in Google searches, boasting high quality SEO mechanics in the back end and effective on page and off page SEO content elements. We no longer build websites for commercial lease, and have turned our experience and expertise in high performance web assets into a consulting service for clients who want to know the most effective on-line strategy for their specific market and product offering. The on-line focussed services revolve around 3 core steps:

  • On-line asset strategy sessions
  • Website structure / layout planning
  • Assistance to project manage website and other asset builds

The purpose of our original involvement in on-line marketing was born from clients investing in websites from developers that looked good but had no commercial value in relation to ranking ability. Hence, from this initial experience, the clients assumed that an on-line presence was not effective for them, which lead to missed market share opportunities, all because of of an initial poor experience.

We still develop and build a limited amount of websites only for existing clients who are part of our capability development programs. This helps us remain hands on in relation to latest technology, build techniques and search updates. This in turn keeps our consulting services up to date and relevant.

Providing a structured pathway to success.




I have worked with Kevin Gardner over the last 4 years and have found him to be extremely reliable, focused on high performance outcomes and systems for clients and one of the most reliable service providers I have worked with.

I value Kevin’s understanding of the ‘big picture’ required to engage with major supply chains and rely on his practical, quality focused assistance provided to my clients. Kevin is my ‘go to’ provider of management assistance and I value him as a practical guide for businesses seeking access to any major project or supply chain.

Deb Archbold (Director), Deborah Wilson Consulting Services

“Because of his extensive experience in working with contractors in the major project sector, we invited Kevin of KG Project Services to present at two regional workshops for contractors within the Cooper Basin

Kevin developed and delivered material in relation to business capability building to meet major projects and related supply chain requirements, specifically in the oil and gas sector.

Because of Kevin’s practical approach, the participants gained in-depth understanding of the benefits and challenges in meeting these requirements, and where they could best fit in the overall supply chain.

Kevin helped us to achieve desired outcomes from the sessions and would utilise his experience and knowledge again.”

Reagan Parle (GM Surat Basin Supply Chain), Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise (TSBE)

Regis have contracted KG Project Services since 2012 to inspect and review our Queensland construction and refurbishment developments in relation to the assigned Principal Contractors safety performance.

KG Project Services practical and consultative approach has been effective in engaging with the construction team and ensuring all identified issues are discussed, addressed and actioned in a timely manner and improvements are identified and implemented.

Kevin has a professional, independent and commercial outlook in his dealings and has always proven to be a valued and trusted partner of Regis over the years.

Brad Muller (Development Manager), Regis Aged Care

Newlands Civil Construction engaged KGPS services to assist our efforts to pre-qualify with Arrow Energy as a high risk supplier. Although we have pre-qualified with others before, we realised we could improve our strategic position by utilising Kevin’s experience and approach to the Pre-Qualification submission process.

The structure of the activities and the guidance provided by Kevin not only achieved a great pre- qualification outcome but also tested our own internal systems and highlighted gaps we had not identified previously, this was an additional benefit for us.

The investment we made with OHS safety advisors will pay for itself many times over, Kevin is highly recommended.

Brendan Ellis (General Manager), Newlands Civil Construction

We have worked with KGPS over many years while developing the CASSA online management system.

Kevin’s input into the system functionality and usability in relation to targeting a new market segment has been invaluable. This has allowed the system to be relevant and manageable to a wider audience hence increasing sales potential.

Kevin’s understanding of market drivers, target market capabilities and R&D principals has provided a clear pathway in the development stages, saving significant time and money in the process.

We continue to use his input where significate changes to our business growth and market are considered.

Brendon Davenport (Director), BMS Global Network

I have been in the construction industry for over 19 years and needed a new strategy in prequalifying for principle contracting. KGPS has successfully assisted Meales through the Arrow Pre-Qualification process. His involvement has provided significant insight into the requirements of the gas sector and has improved our approach to safety management.

Because of the work we have completed with Kevin, the business is now looking forward and motivated to increasing its safety management programs to the next level. Kevin’s approach has been practical and well suited to the businesses operational focus.

Stirling Mawby (Operations Manager), Meales Concrete Pumping

Having being appointed as Principal Contractor Construction for the Regis Aged Care organization, My primary role as Safety Manager is to ensure the safe delivery of the project in conjunction with the delivery team.

Part of this process involved working with Kevin Gardner, who on behalf of Regis Aged Care, undertook Monthly Safety & Environmental Audits & Inspections with myself & the delivery team, including monitor & review of our safe systems of work.

I have found Kevin’s approach to this to be consultative, with a collaborative objective to achieve continuous improvement whilst lending advice and strategy leading from his wealth of knowledge & industry experience.

I would recommend Kevin’s services to our future clients & look forward to working with him again.

Luke Whippy (QLD HSE Manager), Cockram Construction

We have engaged KGPS to assist us in developing safety management systems for our transport and civil works operation in Brisbane.

Kevin has assisted our team in completing a number of Origin and Arrow safety pre-qualifiers for the tenders we are submitting for the coal seam gas sector. With limited internal documentation and resources Kevin has been able to complete and satisfy the safety elements of these company requirements within the specified time.

We are happy with the value, knowledge and practical approach Kevin has provided during these projects and will continue to work with him into the future to further develop and manage our safety management program.

Kylie Fisher (Director), Austrans Haulage

If it wasn’t for Kevin Gardner and the expertise advice provided by KG Project Services, Pacific Cleaning would never have achieved Green Banding status through the recent Arrow Energy Pre-Qualification process.

A combination of an in-depth knowledge of the required HSE information and a service level of the highest order were the key ingredients that helped our company achieve something we would never have attained on our own. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kevin Gardner to work with any business or upcoming project.

Stephen Driscoll (General Manager), Pacific Cleaning Pty Ltd

We engaged Kevin to assist us to complete our Industry certification.

His quick understanding of our unique situation allowed the processes to be customised to our activity, hence simplifying the tasks at hand.

Our experience was very positive and we considered it good investment, so much so, that we have already referred him to others.

Luke Carolan (Director - Legal and Compliance), PayPartners Australia Pty Ltd

VDB Group have engaged KG Project Services over a period of 2 years to assist in developing our business capability, structure, systems and processes.

In that time, he has demonstrated the ability to quickly interpret and map our many operational activities, needs and challenges of the business. With this information we have been able to work in consultation with Kevin to develop a clear and concise process driven approach to our business tasks. This has created a resource that we can now leverage off for many years to come.

His activities included extensive market and software research to facilitate the development of internal systems and property assessment tools to compliment the businesses many and varied activities.

In our experience, Kevin has been professional and effective in providing desired outcomes, he has delivered on time and has proven to be an essential investment towards our planned business growth.

Henry van de Beld, VDB Group Property Developers

Our small company was faced with the daunting task of an online induction at CM3. After contacting Kevin he was very reassuring and was a great help to us.

I don’t think I could have completed it all without Kevin’s help and expertise in these matters. A huge help and very affordable for CM3 online induction and OHS issues.

Will use his services again in the future.

Paul Conway (Managing Director), PC Rigging

I’d like to thank you so much for your wonderful assistance with our industry certification. Your diligence, knowledge, professionalism and prompt attention, is most commendable.

Once again I thank you for getting it through, I would not have been able to do it without your assistance.

Gary Risk (Construction Manager), Cannarg Constructions Pty Ltd

I’d like to say a big thank you to Kevin for helping us complete all the necessary documents OHS/WHS for CM3 and he provided me a lot information and instruction about how to be safe on job sites.

I’ll definitely recommend Kevin to everyone to use his services and advice.

Habibulla Hussain (Director), Sane Painting & Decorating Pty Ltd

We needed help with our business in all aspects of safety. We found Kevin from KG Project Services in an online search. Kevin helped us more than we could have expected and shown us all the improvements that we needed in the daily operation of running our business.

Danyel Murray (MD), Champagne Property Maintenance

We were more than happy with the advice and guidance provided personally by Kevin, being a busy small business we didn’t have the time or confidence to prepare our manuals etc, but Kevin worked through with us and put it all in bite sizes so we didn’t feel overwhelmed by our certification requirements.

David Overton (Owner), Dynamic Window Cleaning

Kevin was quick to respond when we called him after being referred to by a personal friend. On contact he responded very quickly and professionally to our needs. He provided accurate, personal service and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone who is seeking advice and assistance.

He has been very patient with our assistance and went over and above in making sure everything that needed to be done was complete.

Romeo Wehbe (Manager), Vasco Services Pty Ltd

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